“Lynn is a thoughtful and effective facilitator who kept our faculty workshop participants engaged by using successful interactive techniques. At her workshop on diversity, she used a short video as the springboard for an open and frank discussion. In a second workshop about students as “customers” of education, she employed small group discussions of realistic scenarios from academic life. These cases helped faculty to reflect on strategies for improved communication and greater student learning. We emerged from both sessions with valuable take-out messages for additional reflection and useful ideas for further development.”

Ronald J. Hunt, DDS
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
College of Dental Medicine-Arizona
Midwestern University
Glendale, Arizona

“Lynn is incredibly professional. She does a great job not projecting her own opinions into the discussions.”

Micah Mowrey
Royal Oaks Retirement Community
Sun City, Arizona

“I had my performance appraisal last week and it went very well.  My supervisor said she could see a real difference in my behavior and effectiveness in meetings!  I told her it was because of the work you and I had done together.  It’s made a difference with my staff as well.  Thank you.”

M. Draper
Branch Chief
Bureau of Land Management
Phoenix, Arizona

“Thank you again for the amazing job with our retreat!  The team is working very effectively with the start of the new year.”

Jacqueline Spiegel
Director of Clinical Skills and Simulation
Midwestern University
Glendale, Arizona

“Lynn Murphy has led two retreat days for our faculty.  Her program was so extremely well received that we asked her to lead at our first-ever annual staff retreat. Our staff is split into many different units spread over three floors.  Cohesiveness and sense of purpose has been a challenge.  Initially in Lynn’s presentation, there was very little interaction among the staff as many of them did not know each other. After the first 30 minutes they began to open up, answering questions and discussing topics. By the midpoint of the program they were fully engaged with Lynn and each other. It was, as I heard from each person I talked with, one of the best experiences they have had since they have been with us.  One of the staff members could not stop talking about Lynn’s program and how much it had energized everyone.  I have personally been to four of Lynn’s programs.  She is the only presenter we have ever had where no one was seen checking their watches! That is the ultimate testimonial to any speaker.”

Jay A. Morrow, DDS, CS
Associate Dean for Preclinical Education
Midwestern University
College of Dental Medicine
Glendale, Arizona

“Lynn presented to me at the Arts & Business Council Business on Board program! She did an amazing job and truly engaged the entire audience! I look forward to working with Lynn in the future and would not think twice about hiring her again! She was a great facilitator, instructor, and engaged every person in the room. She did a great job! She is very knowledgeable and definitely an expert in her field.”

J. Singer
Phoenix, Arizona


“Lynn’s approach to our Leadership development project was done with great professionalism, creativity, research methodology and fun I would recommend her services to others.”

Kendra Eberhart
Royal Oaks Lifecare Community

Sun City, Arizona


“We are very impressed with the leadership workshop that Lynn has conducted.  She has kept it interesting, informational and fun.  I definitely feel that there are things that I can take away and use in my daily work.”

Janet Adams
Human Resources Director
Royal Oaks Lifecare Community 
Sun City, Arizona 


“Excellent cultural and diversity training! I’ve been in the federal government for more than 30 years, had a lot of this type of training, and this is the best training of this type that I’ve had.”

William O. Dawson III, MPA
Interim Administrator Southwest Office of Native American Programs
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
Phoenix, Arizona


“Instead of having someone talk AT us for three hours, you got us INVOLVED!”

C. Hartman
Phoenix, Arizona


“Lynn Murphy facilitated a day long retreat for a local community non-profit. She skillfully lead us through a visioning exercise and helped us develop a strategic plan. She listened well and managed the time beautifully. I can honestly say that we would never have accomplished as much as we did without her expertise and guidance.”

Susan Bulfinch
Cave Creek, Arizona


“I found the Executive Leadership Workshop recently attended by our management team to be a relevant and useful tool for communicating some of the basic skills necessary for assuming leadership responsibilities in any organization. I can envision us sponsoring more such workshops in the future to address other specific needs of our organization.”

Kevin Steele
Chief Operating Officer
National PEO, LLC.
Scottsdale, Arizona


“The supervisor of the department was amazed at the approach and could not believe the overall cooperation I received from this angry mob, especially with such a simple approach. I have to say again the knowledge I gained from your training has been some of the most beneficial knowledge I have ever received in any training.” 

Peggy Huff
Human Resource Supervisor
Price Industries 
Casa Grande, Arizona


“Lynn developed a series of business writing classes for our management group. The classes were fun and informative. Her audience included foremen, supervisors and managers, many from blue-collar occupations.  She did a great job relating to them all.  I have coordinated workshops with several other vendors, and Lynn was the best to work with. She delivered a great product. I look forward to working with her in the future.”

Trish Wright
Training Manager
Public Works Department
City of Phoenix (Arizona)


“Lynn was a model of professionalism and very sincere and direct. Very positive. Kept everyone involved.”

Front Line Supervisor

Nebraska Division


“Lynn did a great job keeping the entire class involved. This business writing class should be a pre-management requirement.”

Public Works Department
City of Phoenix (Arizona)


“Thank you so much for your presentation! The board was pleased with your professionalism and great energy. The audience enjoyed the group participation, your knowledge and your ability to make learning fun!”

Mary Tinklenberg
Human Resources Administrative Specialist
Flagstaff, Arizona


“As a participant at Lynn Murphy’s presentation on Conflict Resolution I can only say that this was one of the most enlightening approaches to the subject that I have seen. The material was put into very practical terms where the importance of resolving conflict in the workplace took on a bottom line result. In an age where so many presentations dealing with workplace issues are full of fluff this was an extremely eye opening and impressive presentation. Lynn did an excellent job of presenting the material and made her points abundantly clear leaving no doubt as to the importance and value of this program. I was so impressed that I presented this program for review to my administration.”

Mike Kennedy
Training Officer
Family Assistance Administration Division
Department of Economic Security
State of Arizona


“I have nothing but the highest praise for Key Innovative Solutions. Lynn Murphy is charismatic, accomplished and totally professional. The workshops designed for my medical office were tailored to my means and problems. I appreciated the pre and post event meetings for input and feedback as well as the materials to reinforce the changes we made in policies and procedures.

“My staff discovered a whole lot about themselves and each other, a whole lot more about patients and how to honor and help them. They really appreciated the chance to air their own feelings and concerns about the goings-on in the office and furthermore the opportunity to be a part of the solution process. Best of all they had a lot of fun in the process. I highly recommend these workshops….you will be surprised and delighted at what turns up and how the solutions come from you own staff!!”

M.G. Warner, M.D.
Scottsdale, Arizona


“Ms. Murphy provided our association with customer service training targeted to meet our unique needs. In addition to being entertained, each attendee left the training with value-added information to take back and implement in the workplace. I would recommend any of Key Innovative Solutions’ training without hesitation.”

Jennifer Murray
Arizona Association of Law Libraries
Phoenix, Arizona


“I really enjoyed your customer service presentation and your great stories from the customer service trenches! It’s amazing how many similar experiences we all share. Thanks for turning it into something I could learn from.”

Jeff McGuire
Gallagher & Kennedy Law Offices
Phoenix, Arizona


“Thanks so much for the workshop. I feel we all learned a lot. Your enthusiastic and yet relaxed personal style was the key.”

David M. Parrack, D.O.
Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine
Glendale, Arizona


“I thought you did a great job. People started out being somewhat inhibited and as the activities progressed really relished the opportunity to participate in the activities. I certainly found myself in that situation, loosening up with each new activity. These activities were far superior to many of the traditional exercises that I have been exposed to over the years.”

Workshop participant
Phoenix, Arizona


“You were very strong in your presence. You transitioned the group with ease and skill, playing their conclusion off your material. You were funny and energetic and have a strong grasp of the information being presented. You were great. I was blown away by your comfort and professionalism.”

Matt Higbee
University of Phoenix
Phoenix, Arizona


“With her ability to organize concepts, manage conflicting positions, solve problems, and build coalitions, the group evolved into a mutually-supportive team working together for agreed-upon goals. She is a very competent and experienced leader. I recommend her without equivocation.”

Harry K. Miller, Ph.D.
Board Member Habitat for Humanity Arizona
Prescott, Arizona


“Lynn Murphy is a talented leader and trainer. She is a soft spoken and intuitive facilitator who gains her participants’ trust by her skilled delivery and demonstrated knowledge of the material. She is well prepared for her sessions and makes sure that the delivery is suitable for her audience. I personally attended trainings facilitated by Ms. Murphy as well as having my senior staff participate. My endorsement for Ms. Murphy as a trainer and session leader is without caveat.”

Christian Wolf
President and Executive Director
Habitat for Humanity Valley of the Sun
Phoenix, Arizona


“You helped us communicate openly with each other about how we feel and how we can work better together. This is a big change for us and started something we will continue. I really enjoyed our interaction.”

Medical Director
Scottsdale, Arizona