Don’t Make Your Customers Wait

In this age of instant gratification, it's no surprise you'll lose customers if you make them wait.

A young entrepreneur lost my business because it took him much too long to give me a complete proposal.  I was prepared to spend a few thousand dollars, but not with someone who wasn’t responsive.  If he wasn't responsive when trying to make... Read More

Did You Find Everything You Were Looking For?

When I was ready to pay for my purchases at my favorite craft store on Saturday, I was greeted by a cashier who politely inquired, “Did you find everything you were looking for?”  He sounded so sincere, like he wanted to be helpful.  So I answered that I had not been able to find the one thing I’d come... Read More

The Ritz-Carlton Does Customer Service Right

I attended a luncheon event for 300 people at the Ritz-Carlton Phoenix recently and experienced their legendary customer service first-hand.  I wish every server at every restaurant demonstrated the same excellent skills, attitude and problem-solving abilities as this wonderful server at The Ritz-Carlton.

The salads were on the table when we sat down, and the server came around offering salad... Read More

Holding Others Accountable

Why are we so hesitant, even reluctant, to hold others accountable? 

I’ve noticed this phenomenon again and again with clients and companies I do business with, but it really hit close to home this week.  Here’s what brought this so clearly to mind. 

A few months ago, a storm damaged the roof of our home.  Since we have insurance in place,... Read More

Ignite a Spark of Inspiration

Has there been someone in your life who inspired you to do something you never thought of doing or didn’t think you could do?  Maybe this person was a family member, teacher, coach or supervisor who saw something in you that motivated you to make choices that took your life in a different direction.  Was there one particular moment... Read More

Gossiping With Your Customers Is Bad For Business

Several years ago, I went to a chiropractor who did a great job of working the kinks out of my back and neck.  I liked the doctor, his office location was convenient, and I could usually get in to see him on short notice when I needed an adjustment.  I was getting treatments frequently, and got to know the... Read More

Failure to Respond

Ignoring a customer's request makes matters worse.  This can be as damaging when dealing with internal customer as it is with external customers.  

Ruth works in the state office of a large organization.  There are several satellite offices throughout the state which support the state office and are, in turn, supported by the state office.  Ruth received a request... Read More

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